Les Fermes Valens

Our Guarantee

Les Fermes Valens is a cooperative of family farms located in the south west of Montreal. They are dedicated to offer fresh organic and natural meat and products to customers who care about their health, healthy eating, environmental protection, animal welfare and local sourcing.  Cultures are carried out without any genetically modified organisms (GMO), herbicides or pesticides in our crops.   
There is
no use of antibiotics or growth hormones in the raising of our animals. Les Fermes Valens manages all aspects of their operations, from production to processing to home delivery. They have their own smokehouse for sausages and deli meat as well as their own calibration equipment for eggs. Everything is packed on site and shipped as soon as possible to ensure fresh and quality products.

Meet our Farmers

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My farm is a 7 generation family farm spanning 191 years. This is a legacy which I want to make available to my family. I chose the sustainable agricultural practices and passion for agriculture for my family's future generations. To maintain a quality family lifestyle and participate in a community which I am proud of. I am happy, when my animals are content, and my crops are waving in the breeze. Douglas & family