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Frozen Deli- Sliced Turkey


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2 units for 15$

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''Be part of something good''

Sustainable agriculture honors both nature and humankind. It takes hard work, adaptability and passion to battle the elements and keep a harmonious balance among land and nature. In 2006, this shared passion is what led several farmers from the Montérégie to join forces, visions and their farms resulting in the creation of “Les Fermes Valens”

We have seen a lot of growth over the years, from concept to a full time operation! We control all facets of operation; from production to transformation and packaging right up to front door home delivery. We have our own butchers with wood smokers for our artisanal sausages and charcuteries that are packaged on site, our own egg grading equipment and facilities, and a fleet of refrigerated vans ready to deliver!

We are grateful to our customers who share our vision in sustainability. With our local production and ethical farming, we are proud to nourish you and your families and garnish your tables with healthy foods. We provide to you the standard by which we feed our own families; you can rest assured of the quality and traceability from farm to table!


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Your order will be delivered right to your front door as early as next day or within a 5-day delay depending on your location. We will confirm with you the exact days we are in your area to assure smooth delivery.

If you are up for a scenic countryside drive, we invite you to find all the products available online also available in our country boutique located at 62 rue York, Huntingdon, QC


100% local quality with a touch of European influence

Farmers more than anyone pay attention to the local weather and the changing seasons, as the quality of their land and health of their animals are dependent on the elements. Depending on the season, our animals roam freely and graze in their pastures, eat a natural based diet and are free from antibiotics and growth hormones therein providing us with the best quality meat.
We only use the highest quality meat when we make our artisanal sausage and charcuteries. Markus, our Austrian chef turned farmer shares his creativity with his European style recipes. You may already have noticed the trend in their names: Frankfurter, Nurnberg in the sausage and Krakauer and Tiroler in the charcuteries. Those with refined taste buds will notice notes of maple and cherry from the wood used in our smokers!

We are more than just sausages and charcuterie though! We are known for our fresh cuts of meat including veal, lamb, pork and beef. As well as organic free-range chicken, eggs, honey, popcorn and cold pressed oils.



We deliver all over Québec, even to Nunavut!

Our goal is to deliver the freshest products possible whilst leaving the smallest carbon footprint.

We ask that you send your order 48 hours before the delivery date in your area so that we can provide you with the best customer service possible.


Farm Tours

* Unfortunately we will not have the Farm Tour this year considering the Covid19 situation.*

We are proud to open our farms to the public once a year every September to those clients who are interested in seeing more. We organize a fun day that starts in the morning with a bus tour to several farms, a BBQ lunch back at Les Fermes Valens and back on the bus after lunch to finish the tour of more local farms. We welcome you to this family friendly event to get a feel for farm life.

Stay up to date for the next tour dates!

Our promise

Production responsable

Sans pesticides

Sans OGM

Sans nitrates ajoutés

Sans lactose

Sans gluten

Respect du bien-être animal

Sans phosphates ajoutés