Assortiment Tout Boeuf Naturel


Frais d'expédition calculés lors du paiement

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L'assortiment TOUT Boeuf Naturel comprend (les poids indiqués sont approximatifs):

1 rôti d'épaule de 1kg

2 entrecôtes de 225g chacune

2 biftecks de contrefilet de 150g ch.

2 filets mignons de 125g ch.

2 unités de 2 tournedos, 220g ch.

5 unités de cubes de Boeuf, 454g ch.

12 unités de Boeuf haché maigre, 375g ch.

2 unités d'os à soupe, 800g ch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nadine Choisil
So good!

We will be buying it again! LOVE the steaks, and the ground beef made amazing tacos!

Susan Greer
Very Happy

The meat is like the days when I was a kid on my grandparents farm, chicken melt in your mouth, beef the colour and taste that I remembered, so good.
The gluten free bread is delicious.
Thank you for good way you take care of your farm.